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Impact Factor and Metrics
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Evaluation Methodology

At IJIFM we use a high-quality methodology for calculating the impact factor. The parameters that are valued when calculating the impact factor are described below:
Journal Impact Factor Evaluation:
  • Originality
  • Quality of Papers
  • Review Process
  • Regularity and Timely Publication
  • Editorial  Quality and Website
  • Citation/2 years
Journal Total Quality Factor Evaluation:
  • Originality  of Articles Published and Use of Articles in Actual Projects
  • Citations and Citable Articles Published
  • Indexing of Journal in Popular Databases and Services
  • Meeting The Promises Made in Call for Paper
  • Improving Number of Articles  Continuously
  • Services Provided To Authors
  • Fees Charged for Publication
  • Process of Paper Publication
  • Presence In Social Media
  • Editorial Board
  • Reviewer Board
  • Website
Journal Regularity Factor Evaluation:
  • Regular Publication of Issue
  • Regular Delivery of Promises Made to Author
  • Regularity of Presence in Social Media and Indexing Databases
  • Regularity in Improvement of Journals Overall Quality
Journal Indexing Factor Evaluation:
  • Number of Databases in which the Journal is indexed
  • Quality of Databases in which the Journal is indexed
  • Effect of Indexing in Improvement of Citation if of Articles
  • Number of Hits to articles and Journal Pages Included in Databases and Indexing Services
Journal Popularity Factor Evaluation:
  • Presence of Authors from different places of world
  • Presence of journal on internet
  • Presence of Journal on Social Media
  • Presence of people from reputed industries, Institutes, Organizations of the world in Editorial and Reviewers Panel
  • Search reports of journal keywords on Internet
Journal Technical Quality Factor Evaluation:
  • Technical Accuracy of Articles Published in the Journal
  • Implementation In Actual Projects, Industrial Applications:
  • Percentage of Total Articles Cited
  • Relevancy of Articles with Journal Quality
Journal Editorial Quality  Evaluation:
We mesure the quality of the Editorial Board.

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